I had mentioned in the "About" page that I was hired by one of the top branded credit card companies in the world to teach the 100,000+ employees, contractors, and vendors on the dangers of phishing.    We used a solution that was a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) from the vendor  PhishMe.   

This product allowed me to send simulated phishing emails out to the entire environment to train our users about phishing and how to recognize a phishing email.  If a user clicked a link, they would be sent to an education page letting them know this was a training exercise and they needed to use caution when clicking links.  This platform also includes tracking and metrics so we knew who was clicking the links.

PhishMe also included an add-in as part of the agreement that installs on the Outlook ribbon.  When a user suspected they received a campaign email or a legitimate phish, they could click the PhishMe Reporter add-in to report the email.  This add-in has  intelligence to recognize if the phish was related to the campaign or if the phish was a legitimate phish.

PhishMe is an industry leader in providing many solutions in the arena of Security Awareness including a new product call Triageand now they are entering into the Computer Based Training space.   This is a great solution for many of your campaign needs.  Go to www.phishme.com to learn more.